The Stop

Its late at night. You’ve had a few drinks. You are pulled over on the side of the road. The blue lights are flashing for all the world to see. A police officer is walking up to your window. Your stomach churns and you begin to sweat. You start to tremble. You are about to be arrested for DWI.


If you or someone you know has ever been in this situation, then you know what we are talking about. You know that once the officer smells an odor of alcohol he is going to start asking questions: Where are you coming from? How much have you had to drink? Where are you going? Would you mind stepping out of the car?


You know that once you step out of the car you are going to be ordered to perform a series of roadside acrobatics commonly referred to as Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs). As you sit in your car you ponder whether you will be arrested if you don’t take the FSTS. But, you also know that if you do take the FSTs you will fail them (either because you are impaired or because you simply wouldn’t be able to do them sober).


It is likely that you WILL be arrested if you don’t take the FSTs. But, our experience has shown us that most of the time you are going to be arrested anyway - regardless of how well you perform on the FSTs. Many officers will claim to see bloodshot eyes, smell an odor of alcohol, decide that you are nervous, and that you must be impaired. Hence, the cuffs go on.


As you sit in the back of the police cruiser with your hands handcuffed behind your back, you start to worry about the rest of your life. Did my neighbors or boss just drive by and see me get arrested? How long will I lose my license? Am I going to lose my job? Am I going to go to jail? What is my wife or husband going to say? Are my in-laws going to call me a drunk? What am I going to tell my kids?


Once you arrive at the police station you climb out of the police cruiser. You are escorted to a booking room. You try not to say anything dumb. You try not to let anyone see the tears in your eyes. You try to hold on to the last shreds of your dignity as they quickly escape you.


You are fingerprinted. You are photographed (and yes police departments are not shy about releasing these photos to the newspapers in a press release). You are asked embarrassing questions about the size and locations of scars, marks, or tattoos on your body.


At this point all you want to do is call a friend to come and get you. But hold on - you’re not going anywhere. The officer who arrested you walks up to you with a piece of paper in his hand. On the paper you see a bunch of boxes and lines for you to sign your name. The lines are written in a small font. The officer begins to read aloud from this paper. What is he doing? He is asking you to take a breath test or an invasive blood test. What do you do?


You have always heard that it is best to never take a breath test, but you think that you might be able to pass it? What do you do? Our experience has shown us that you will remain under arrest and charged with DWI regardless of whether you take the breath test.


We have seen many unfortunate cases where clients have taken the breath test, blown under the legal limit, and are STILL charged with DWI because the officer is convinced that they were impaired.


So, either you do or your don’t take the breath test. You are escorted to a holding cell where you sit for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours waiting to get out and return to your normal life. But, as you have already figured out, your life is not going to be normal for quite sometime. This DWI arrest will rock your world, your life, possibly your employment, and your relationships. What should you do?


Finally the bail commissioner arrives and sets your bail. With embarassment burning in your cheeks and humiliation pouring from your lips , you call someone and ask them if they can come and pick-you up from the police station. You tell them that “No” you are not hurt, but you did just get arrested for DWI.


You walk out of the police station. You take a breath of the morning air and wonder: What the hell am I going to do now?


That’s where we come in. Justin Shepherd and Mark Osborne are ready for your call.



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